I Hate To Do This, But…

To my readers here on GracefulParis.com,

I love Paris, but I have to share some news with you.

On August 15th of last year, we moved to India. And at some point in the not too distant future, we will most likely relocate to London. So for the past six months now, I’ve been writing stories on my new website that chronicles our time in Asia and will continue with our other adventures across the globe.

It took me six months to write this little notification, because somehow every time I went to write it, it made our leaving Paris seem more permanent somehow. I am finally at a place where I realize that my life is one big adventure…and for now, that adventure is in India.

I will always love Paris. I hope never to take down this website or lose the memories I’ve shared with you here. (Frankly, I’m hoping that one day, my husband and I will move back to our beautiful City of Light, and I will be able to resume my stories at gracefulparis again.)

So you see, I haven’t left Paris — not really. I carry in in my heart everywhere I go. But for now, the adventure is in India.

If you liked reading my stories here, please think about following my new website as well. The link is: http://www.AGracefulWorld.com

I’d love to hear from you.

Until then,


4 thoughts on “I Hate To Do This, But…

  1. Hi Grace , I love your writing and I’ll follow any website you have , I’m actually wish you’ll start writing books , I’ll be the first to buy them , do you think someday I can get a signed copy ? 🤔😉 Stay well and be safe Love Gigi

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    1. Gigi, Thank you so much! It’s funny you should mention books. I actually have a publisher in the United States who wants to work with me on a book about Paris and another about Asia. They’re even trying to get me back into writing children’s books. We’ll see!


  2. Your view and perspective of Paris will only grow richer as you experience more of the world. Your travels and life in Asia will enrich the life you will return to in Paris. The future is always closer than we realize, as is the past. You are correct , you have never left Paris. We never leave places or people that we love, we just add more dimensions to our perspective of them. Paris will always be there waiting for you. 1,000 years from now, Paris will still exist, whether a people rename it or a new river runs through it. 1,000 years from now, the graceful life that you led in the city of lights will still be shining.


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