I love the French…

I love France. I love the French. I love Parisians.

Many Americans think that Parisians are snooty or cold. This is patently untrue. Almost without exception, I have found Parisians to be wonderful, warm, funny and kind. In fact, one of the reasons I decided to write this blog was to clear up that misconception. Here’s just one small story to prove my point.

I had been living here about 6 months when my back went out. And Leon was out of town so I was on my own. Well, I had nothing in the fridge to eat, so I went downstairs to find something. But I could hardly make it further than the front door of our building. I knew I was in trouble and I saw a restaurant just a bit down the street called New York Café.  (Here’s the link to their Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/New-York-Café-539415042759964/ And if you come to Paris, you should do yourself a favor and stumble in. They’ll treat you like family. I know, first-hand.)

Anyway, I managed to hobble my way to New York Café with my two dogs – and order a burger to go, so I could eat it back in my bed at home. (Mind you, I had never eaten at this restaurant before…not once.) The chef handed me my burger & fries on a custom china plate, smiled, and said “It will be so much nicer to eat it this way. Just return the plate later – if you can.”  (The burger was delicious, by the way. This photo doesn’t do it justice.)

The next day, Leon came home and I asked him to return the plate for me. He did. Two weeks later, the chef saw me walking the dogs in front of our building and literally yelled down the street, “How are you? Is your back better?” (Again…This was two weeks later!) I replied “Yes, and I wanted you to know that my husband returned your plate the next day.” He just smiled and said, “It’s not important. I am glad you are better. Good afternoon.”

Two days later, he saw me from across the street, walking with my husband, and blew me a kiss.

THESE are the French people I meet over & over in Paris.  These are the people I love.

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